Physicians To Home

Healthcare Necessities Provided In The Comfort Of Your Home

“Health Care is a Right, not a Privilege.”

-Edward Kennedy

About Us


Physician’s to Home is a Medicare Certified Agency operating to service clients in the greater Las Vegas area. We promise to deliver exponential healthcare in the privacy and comfort of each individual’s place of residency. We benefit those elderly who are not capable of leaving the home without a taxable amount of effort. We want to prevent your loved ones from hospitalization by allowing in home monitoring and assessment to be completed by our skilled team of physicians. 

Physician’s Servicing the greater Las Vegas and Henderson Community since 2011. 


Physician House Calls
Our physicians make house calls to each client’s home.
Prescription Refills
We may call in your prescription refills to your local pharmacy.
Our MD may require diagnostic testing such as EKG/XRAYs, in the circumstances necessary, to closely monitor your symptoms. No need to travel, we can make sure you are evaluated in the comfort of your own home with mobile services available.
Physical Therapy
We may provide you with an amazing physical therapist to help with your rehabilitation and recovery process.
Our podiatrist is a specialist who provides medical diagnosis and treatment for foot and ankle concerns.
Oxygen Evaluation
We will evaluate your need for the use of oxygen at home.
Wheelchair Evaluation
We will evaluate your need for the use of a wheelchair at home.
Our physicians provide in home physicals.
Home Health Referrals
We can provide you with excellent home health services if the need is further indicated by our MD.
Specialist Referrals
Our MD can assess the need for further evaluation by specialty services that may be needed based on your current condition.
Blood draws may be performed when indicated so that our MD may provide you with necessary treatment and plan of care.
Flu/Pneumonia Vaccines
We may provide you with Flu/Pneumonia Vaccines, if consented upon and the need is indicated.

Meet Our Team

  • Witold Iglikowski, MD

    Witold Iglikowski, MD

    Dr. Iglikowski has been with Physicians To Home since the very beginning. He is very prestigious and well known within the practice of general medicine. He is devoted to efficacy and delivers quality care one client at a time. He specializes in identifying client needs and maintaining continuity of care.
  • Catherine Jordan, RN

    Catherine Jordan, RN

    Catherine is our admirable owner of Physicians To Home. She has been in business for over 20 years in the city of Las Vegas. All of her vast growing businesses speak volumes of her continued dedication and contribution to the development of a safer more efficient quality within healthcare. She is devoted to ensure patient safety and well being, always seeking the best efforts and options for each of her clients. There is nothing she wouldn’t do to communicate and establish trust and healthy relationships between her staff and patients.
  • Kevyn Taylor, NP

    Kevyn Taylor, NP

    Kevyn is our lovely Nurse Practitioner that devotes countless hours throughout the week assisting Dr. Iglikowski with house visits, prescription refills, physicals etc. She places her patients at the highest priority and thoroughly evaluates each individuals needs and communicates all findings to our MD. These practices provide optimal customer satisfaction and makes sure each patient is seen and evaluated thoroughly based on individual needs.


Henderson, Nevada